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Concept Design

   We are proud to offer our services in guiding clients through a concept design process based on their wants, needs, and theme they are hoping to incorporate into their project. With the use of modern computer software, we can draw out a client's project area and populate it with their choice in flooring, cabinetry, backsplash, countertops, etc. This allows us to provide a client with stunning and realistic 3D Renders or even Full Panoramic Renders that bring a project to life and give an full visual example of how everything will come together. We have utilized this process for almost any type of project: kitchens, bathrooms, custom closets, conference rooms, home office areas and more. We're excited to help you envision your next project!

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How To: Measure Your Rooms for

Flooring or Cabinets

   Are you looking to shop around and find the best price on flooring, tile, cabinetry or countertops? If you follow our quick tutorial on how to measure your project area you'll be able to provide us with the information necessary to quickly estimate the cost of materials you will need for the job! All you'll need is a tape measure, scratch paper, and something to write with. Get started by clicking the link below!

Modern Fan Co.

   Converse Flooring & Design is proud to offer products from Modern Fan Co. Based in Ashland, Oregon, Modern Fan Co. is the original and premier source for contemporary ceiling fan design, producing the most complete, exclusively modern collection of ceiling fans available. Check out their available style and color options by visiting their website!

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